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Feeling Discouraged?

By joyce | Dec 27, 2016 | 2 Comments

One of my favorite online gurus, Tiffany Lambert of,  sent out a newsletter today that included a section about looking back and feeling discouraged. I’m going to share part of it with you because I suspect that many of you need to hear this.  Here is what Tiffany wrote:  If You’re Discouraged… I keep … Read more

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The One-Page Business Plan

By joyce | Apr 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

Introducing a New Series Just for You! We’ve been publishing our magazine GifBasketBusinessInsider since 2010.  As a result, we have pages and pages of valuable information that you can not access unless you were a subscriber all those years.  I’ve had numerous requests for me to sell those back issues.  We did that on CD for … Read more

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Thinking of Upgrading to Windows 10

By joyce | Mar 6, 2016 | 0 Comments

I keep getting popups on the computer that I bought last year loaded with Windows 7 that I can get Windows 10 installed for free.  I’ve always resisted them because I’ve heard horror stories about those who took the plunge plus I hate having to learn anything new. Here is an article that you might … Read more

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Are you telling your story?

By joyce | Feb 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

In the fall of 1933, while attending a party at her sorority, the vivacious young Lucile Salter was introduced to David Packard. But David wasn’t at the party as a guest; he was washing dishes in the kitchen, one of the many jobs he held to help pay his tuition. While the odd job washing … Read more

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What Did You Learn Today

By joyce | Feb 1, 2016 | 0 Comments

Remember that girl called Goldilocks? And how she broke into the house of the Three Bears? And how she ate their porridge, sat in their chairs, and slept on their beds? All while the three bears felt that their little home in the forest was safe and secure while they went into the woods for … Read more

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One can be lonely

By joyce | Jan 24, 2016 | 1 Comment

Many of us started our business feeling isolated and like a lone wolf. We had an idea and knew that it was something we wanted to grow into more than just a fleeting dream. But we were one. And we felt alone. One is a lonely number. When we discovered there were others out there, … Read more

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Are You Marching in the Parade

By joyce | Jan 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

Are You Marching in the Parade? While watching the Parade of Lights during the holidays here in Flagstaff, I was reminded of something I read a long time ago. It said something like “If you aren’t marching in the parade, it is passing you by.” Will Rogers said something similar:  “Even if you’re on the … Read more

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Should You Incorporate?

By joyce | Jan 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

A question that I am frequently asked by those either starting or growing a business is:  “Should I incorporate?”  The next question is:  “What is the difference between the different kinds of corporations?” Before I get started I want to point out that I am not any kind of tax expert and although I believe … Read more

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Coaches, Money Goals and Baloney

By joyce | Jan 6, 2016 | 1 Comment

I am being bombarded by emails from so called “business and life coaches” who think they know something about both. They keep telling me that I need to set my “money goals” for 2016 if I want to be successful either in life or business. BALONEY! In the ebook “Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever” … Read more

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Does your business need a website?

By joyce | Jan 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

Does Your Business Need a Website? I’ve heard many business owners say they think they “should” get a website.  They’re not quite sure how to get one or what they will do with it, but they’ve been told that they should have one. Only you can determine if your company needs a website.  While making … Read more

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