Do You Have a Yahoo Email Account?

This week, I started getting spam from people I know who are using Yahoo email addresses. There’s nothing in them except a link to some site filled with nasty-ware I’m sure. This usually means their account has been broken into.

So… if you have a Yahoo email account, check on it now. Even if you don’t use it regularly – especially if you do not use it regularly, maybe it’s time to shut it down.

Actually, it’s a good idea to always be vigilant with all your email accounts.   If you do suspect that your account has been hacked (and this could happen with any email account — not just Yahoo), change your password and security question immediately.

New passwords should be at least six characters long and include at least one number, letter (combination of upper and lower cases) and special character ($, *, &, !, etc.). Make sure your new password is different from any other passwords you have used. Also, if you used the same password for other online accounts such as social media and financial services, change those passwords as well. We strongly advise you use different passwords for different social media accounts.


3 thoughts on “Do You Have a Yahoo Email Account?”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have a couple of these that have been dormant that I will check on to make sure they haven’t been taken away.

  2. Been getting these also.

    An FYI for those reading that have not used their Yahoo! email in quite a while, Yahoo! has decided to open up inactive accounts for redistribution so if you have used your Yahoo! email for something important like domain registration you best login before they give it away.

    Read more here:
    Security Expert Call Yahoo’s Email Plan ‘Moronic’

  3. This happened to my daughter. She has a Yahoo account. I received a strange email from her that included a link to open. I was suspicious and forwarded the email to her without opening the link. She confirmed that her account had been hacked!

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