Turning Business Ideas Into Results

All too often, new business owners come on strong when they start.  They spend lots of time and money telling people all about their new venture.  But then they run out of ideas and slow down.  They sit by the phone waiting for it to ring, all the while wondering why people have forgotten about … Read more

The Biggest Mistake that a Gift Business Can Make

The Biggest Mistake a Gift Business Can Make Everyone in business — regardless of the industry or whether it was 1919 or 2019 — makes mistakes. Someone once said that “The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business.” That is indeed a mistake.  Unless we think big, we will … Read more

Yes, You Can!

Believe in yourself and "yes you can!"

This quote from Henry Ford is one of my favorites.      “Whether you think you CAN, or whether you think you CAN’T — you’re probably right.” I love that saying, because it basically means that YOU play an active role in  creating your own future… …and if you’re not experiencing the results that you … Read more

Look at Yourself if You Want Success

Look at yourself if you want success

 Look at Yourself if You Want Success I don’t know if any of you follow Tiffany Lambert or not since she is more about Internet Marketing but her email today included something that is important to each of us as a business owner so I wanted to share it with you. As she said, many … Read more