Feeling Discouraged?

One of my favorite online gurus, Tiffany Lambert of TiffanyLambert.com,  sent out a newsletter today that included a section about looking back and feeling discouraged.

I’m going to share part of it with you because I suspect that many of you need to hear this.  Here is what Tiffany wrote:

 If You’re Discouraged…

I keep hearing from so many of you that you’re ending your 2016 with a look
back and the dismal results of your efforts. Mind if I kick your butt a sec?

Thanks…just putting on my Texas cowgirl boots. Okay, so here’s the deal…

I want you to spend today not flailing around or beating yourself up. I don’t
want you comparing yourself or wishful thinking.

Instead, I’d like you to take a good, hard look at what happened in 2016.

Did you:

– Procrastinate? (FB a little too tempting?)
– Fail to put yourself out there so you flopped? (it’s scary, I know – tough)
– Act so stubborn with an idea that you didn’t see if it’d sell?
– Over-analyze your efforts so bad that you never got anything off the ground?
– Claim your dog/kids/spouse/weather/alien friends were too distracting to work?

I get it. I really do. I’m the excuse queen. But you are either going to be your
own boss or you’re not. You can’t half-ass it (sorry for the strong language but it’s

I tell people ALL the time – would you accept your behavior if you were the boss and
PAYING a salary to someone who acts as if you’ve acted and performed this past year?

If not, then things have GOT to change. Consider it your warning. If you DID try your
best and are proud, but failed, then it’s time to find out what went wrong.

Like THIS week.

Because starting January 1st, you want to feel that refreshing spirit of
entrepreneurialship that gets infectious once you start seeing success.

Maybe you need to start off with something small. Or spend 30 minutes a day
educating yourself about something because your skills are lacking.

I don’t know.

But you’d better get it in gear, and I mean it. Because if you don’t, you’ll spend
the next 365 days wallowing in self pity only to arrive at the last week of 2017
beating yourself up again. Like ground hog’s day.

Get sick of it. Sick of yourself and your excuses.

“Wishing ain’t getting,” as some people say. ACTION gets you where you want to go.

I couldn’t have said it better.  I have heard from several of you who have said your sales were better than ever before and from others who did terrible and couldn’t understand why.  As Tiff said, if you did your very best (and weren’t distracted by Facebook and all the other distracting things you can do on the Internet), it’s time to find out WHY you didn’t do well and to do something about it.

And I’m here to help you.

I’ve written the ebook, Your Gift Basket Business: Good Enough to Great (Business Success Secrets) which outlines how I review and plan at the end of each year.  It is available on Amazon Kindle but it will cost you $5.00.

You don’t have to buy an email or anything else, however, to determine where you went wrong, and even more important, what you can and should do about it.

I have the January issue of the magazine GiftBusinessInsider ready to go into our subscriber’s email boxes on January 1st and it is a bit different from the previous issues.  Take a look at the cover and you can get an idea of what I am talking about.

Gift Business Insider magazine

I’ll be sharing what I have planned with you in that issue and will announce it to everyone else then as well.  Watch for it and join the Revolution.  It can make the difference between failure and success.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you celebrate the end of 2016 and the opportunity awaiting you!

  • Run your business everyday as if you have to sell it tomorrow.
  • There is never a better time than NOW!
  • Marketing and money start with the same letter.
  • Take failure as feedback and a need for change.

80% of startups fail in the first year.
Out of the remaining 20&, 80% will fail in year two.
Only 1% of them get to year five.
Even then, you may only be surviving and not thriving.

Until January 1st. . .
Joyce Reid


Turning Business Ideas Into Results

All too often, new business owners come on strong when they start.  They spend lots of time and money telling people all about their new venture.  But then they run out of ideas and slow down.  They sit by the phone waiting for it to ring, all the while wondering why people have forgotten about them.

Getting people to pay attention to your business takes more than money. Yes, it takes even more than time.

It takes a willingness to think past the obvious and explore the unique and different.  
We pride ourselves on being creative with our products.  
We must be equally creative with our marketing.

Standing out in a sea of businesses boasting similar offerings can be difficult, which is why entrepreneurs need to strive to differentiate themselves and their products or services from the competition.

During this series, I will be sharing with you some of the marketing ideas that I have used as well as some that I have learned from others.  Take what you can use and discard the rest as what works for one business may not work for another.

Marketing should be constantly on our mind.  To be successful, we can’t rely totally on direct mail, social media, search engine optimization, cold calling or anything else.  Just as marketing is everything that you do to make people aware of your business, you have to combine a variety of techniques and ideas.

So here are just a few to consider:

Make your business card one that your customers will want to keep.  This mini-billboard reminds your customers who you are and what you do.  Think about turning it into a sales tool.  How about making it a a coupon offering a small gift or discount when presented for the first purchase?  Or make the back of it a billboard for your products.

When you attend those networking events, it’s better to collect business cards than to give them.  Don’t just hand out your business cards.  Collect cards from all those people you talk to.  Make notes on their card so that you remember your conversation and then follow up with them either by phone, email, or direct mail.

You may be thinking, “But my business is only on the Internet.  I can’t hand out business cards.”

I’ve got an answer for you as well.  Create a special page on your website that you call your online business card. This online business card will also offer a small gift or discount when someone uses a special code or link to order from you.  Then use Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other social media you are using to send potential customers to that special page.  Some people use pop-ups for this purpose but beware.  Many people hate pop-ups which interfere with their reading a webpage and will immediately close them without reading or even leave the site.

A successful marketing tool used by Realtors are small magnetic calendars or notepads that are personalized by sticking their business card to the magnetic top.  These are inexpensive year-long reminders.

Why wouldn’t they work for us as well?

When making a purchase and writing a check, offer your business card or one of these magnetic calendars adding, “You’ve been so helpful.  If I can ever help you, please give me a call.”  You’re advertising what you do without being pushy.

Do you market on Twitter or Facebook?  How about regular emails to your customers?  If so, how do you stay true to your brand without overselling your brand? How do you balance promoting your products without spamming your followers with ‘buy, buy, buy’?

You balance marketing with information on products that enhance your brand and promote who you are as a business.  That balance can include information that goes beyond sales and product description. If you are selling gourmet gifts, in addition to promotions you would also want to keep people up to date with the latest gourmet products or provide tips and even recipes about how to use the products.

If you started a business, you are creative even if it is not in a creative industry.  Use your creativity to come up with those ideas that make you stand out from all the other companies in your industry.

Until we reach the next stop on the Success Express, here’s wishing you a very creative week.


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