Why are you REALLY in business?

Why are you REALLY in business? 

Most of you, who know me, know that I’m not in business just to make money.  I do a lot of things for my industry that don’t make any money at all.  I read all the crap online about how so and so made thousands of dollars with this magic trick or that one and I just roll my eyes.  I know that there is no magic to growing a business.  It’s hard work and involves educating yourself as well as sticking to it for the long haul. 

Profit is important of course and is essential if money is the means of reaching that goal.  Some businesses are more profitable than others.  But the question that we should all ask ourselves occasionally is REALLY why are in business.  It is never just about money.  Money may be the means to the real why, but it is never the WHY.

One lady that I know started a blog to help her get out of debt.  Money was the means but getting out of debt was the goal.  And knowing that goal helped push her until she was finally out of debt and then went on to teach others how to make money with a blog.  And, as a result, she made more money from those instructions which helped her stay out of debt.

Others start a business to make money so that they could have the freedom to do what they wanted when they wanted.  Some start a business so they don’t have to work for someone else or to have the ability to stay home with the kids. 

If the reason that you are REALLY in business is powerful enough, you will do whatever it takes to succeed.  And if money is the means to that reason, you’ll make it.

And if you want to know why I’m REALLY in business, you can read about it in an article that I wrote six years ago at


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