Are you selling your soul?

We’ve seen the movies where someone is given the opportunity to sell their soul to the devil in exchange for fame, fortune, or whatever they most want out of life.

Well, I think of selling your soul as something that isn’t demeaning but as something to be proud of.

To me, selling your soul is creating something from the deepest part of yourself and presenting it to the world with strategic savvy.  It is Yourself…packaged.  Passion…promoted.

Scott and Amber Martin are selling their soul when they created Northstar Youth Ranch — a place where children at risk build their self esteem by interacting with farm animals and mentors.

Seth Godin is selling his soul with each new book that he adds to his collection of best-sellers.

Sean D’Sousa sold his soul when he wrote The Brain Audit and created 5000BC.

Every politician has sold his or her soul when making the decision to run for public office.

And Sandee, Pam, and I were selling our souls when we created Gift Retailers Connection and we continue to sell our souls with each new issue that comes from the bottom of our hearts.

Are you selling your soul?  If you’re not selling your soul, what are you selling?

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