Dreams are Wings for the Soul

What is your dream?

Are you living it today?

We are in the most profitable time of year for our industry.  As much as we might not want to admit it to ourselves, we are exactly where we have chosen to be — in our business and in our life.  What our life and business is like right now — today — is the end result of the decisions we have made and what we have done throughout the year.

You started this business because you wanted to make a difference and because you had a dream.

Never Give Up On Your Dream

The coming month of December is not only the most profitable but also the most demanding time of year for us.  This is the season of little sleep, extra work, tired bodies and minds, and even wondering if our decision to pursue this dream is worth it.

This is also the time to remember that no matter how hard it may be and how discouraged we may become, this is your dream.  A dream that you  have worked hard to pursue.  Even though there may be times you wonder why, you are exactly where you want to be because you believe in your dream, believe in yourself, and know that you can make it happen.

It’s like anything that you want to do in life. You follow a plan or steps to make it happen. The more you repeat the steps the better you get. Eventually it becomes second nature.

And if you get to the point that you don’t know what to do, you know that you have an entire community of others in the gift basket who have similar dreams who are there to help and support you when you need it.

I am one member of that community.  I had a dream and I’ve made it happen.  And I am here for you.  All you have to do is email me and I’ll do what I can.  But in 2015, I will be offering even more resources and opportunities to make sure that your dream will  happen,  to0.

In the meanwhile, remember that dreams are wings for the soul, so let your dreams soar!

Here’s to your dream!


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