Save Money on Website Hosting with Add-on Domains

Do you have more than one website?  Want to add a blog with its own domain name?  Want to create several niche websites? 

Website hosting isn’t expensive.  As a matter of fact, there are hosting companies that are downright cheap.  But the best deal of all is the hosting company that will allow you to host multiple domains with one account and pay one low price.

I operate multiple domains.  And except for one domain, which includes my shopping cart and costs me $14.95 per month, all my other domains are hosted at one hosting company for a price of $7.95 per month.  The number of domains that I can add for this one low price is unlimited.

How does this work?  My hosting company’s cpanel (actually the administration page for my hosting panel) has a section called “add on domains”.  When I click on that, I can add a domain which will appear as it’s own url.  There’s even a short tutorial that explains exactly how to do it.

Once you have the domain added, you will need to have the company that registered your domain name change the nameservers to point to your hosting company. 

And the company that I use and highly recommend is:  Hostgator.  Click on Hostgator  and check it out.  It’s inexpensive.  It’s easy to use.  And I never recommend a company that I don’t use myself.

And, for another reason to use this hosting company.  If you want to have a blog, Hostgator has Fantasico which is one fo the easiest ways possible to add wordpress to a website.

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