The One-Page Business Plan

Introducing a New Series Just for You!

We’ve been publishing our magazine GifBasketBusinessInsider since 2010.  As a result, we have pages and pages of valuable information that you can not access unless you were a subscriber all those years.  I’ve had numerous requests for me to sell those back issues.  We did that on CD for the first couple of years but there is so much information that I think you would be overwhelmed.

But in order to make this valuable information to you who were not subscribers back then, I am  doing the next best thing.  I will be choosing some of the most valuable articles, updating them when needed, and creating booklets that you can purchase at a reasonable price.  This way you can pick and choose what you need depending on where you are in your own business.

ebookBusinessPlanCoverThe first one is available today.  It is:
Construct Your Business with a One-Page Business Plan.

Only you know yourself and your business so ONLY You can create a viable, useful business plan for your company. No one else can do it for you!

The One-Page Business Plan isn’t for everyone. But with simple, easy to use methods becoming the norm, many entrepreneurs have turned to one page business plans in order to get their businesses off the ground faster instead of opting for a detailed and time consuming approach. Even for existing businesses, it is a simple way to look at where you are now, where you want to go, and what it will take to get there.

In case you have any doubts, here are the advantages of a one page business plan:

  • Since your ideas are changing all of the time, it’s easy to update
  • It provides clarity to whoever is reading it as important information sticks out It’s a good way to generate interest around a business concept
  •  It will assist you with your pitch when trying to share your ideas with others
  •  It offers a more affordable approach to product testing and development
  • With the plan having very specific goals you can create a straight forward strategy around each of them
  • It eliminates the need to find an excuse not to plan and grow.

This 10-page booklet not only outlines how to create a simple one-page business plan but it also provides resources for creating a more detailed business plan if you wish to expand the one-page plan as well as a link to a sample business plan for a gift basket business.

Price is $5.95.  Order it today by clicking here.

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