The Secret to Creating Product Descriptions that Sell

Why do some websites and catalogs have product descriptions that we love to read because they are so interesting while others sound like all the other products out there on the web?

The secret is drama.

Tell a story with your product descriptions that makes the reader want to know more.  They want to read on and see what happens.  Just like that special novel that you stay up reading late in the night, your words should create pictures, needs, curiosity, and desires for anyone reading about that gift basket or gourmet product that you’re offering.

There are many different “fiction writing techniques” that can make all the difference between the click on “Buy now” or the click on to another website.  I will be featuring a series of  these techniques as periodic posts on this blog throughout the next year.  If you are interested and don’t want to miss one, make sure that you sign up for delivery of each post by email.  Simply click on “Subscribe by email” on the left hand side of this page.  Fill in your email address and then check your email.  You will need to confirm that you signed up or you won’t get them.

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