Has Your Website Been Hacked or Compromised?

Meet our newest Guest Blogger.  Laura Wheeler, and her husband Kevin, own Firelight Web Studio, located in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.  I’ll be featuring Laura in a later post as one of our featured Creative Entreprenurs and she will be contributing to this blog periodically as a Guest Blogger.  Meanwhile, here is must-know information if you … Read more

What Did You Do To Market Yourself Today?

Many of us think of ourselves as Creative, as Designers, as Artistic.  And yet we fail to apply these traits to our marketing process.  We tend to play it safe–practicing the tried and true “me too” marketing strategies that others have used.  Fearing to tread where others have not.  But extraordinary marketing results are rarely … Read more

It is embarrassing…

A recent editorial in Specialty Food Magazine reminded us: “During this recession, many of us are finding it challenging just trying to make the right decisions about our finances and our businesses.  But it is more important than ever to think of the increasingly large number of Americans who are being forced to decide whether … Read more