It is embarrassing…

A recent editorial in Specialty Food Magazine reminded us:
“During this recession, many of us are finding it challenging just trying to make the right decisions about our finances and our businesses.  But it is more important than ever to think of the increasingly large number of Americans who are being forced to decide whether or not they can afford to eat today.

In a society that supports a $60 billion trade catering to consumers who have the means to select and buy superior food products, it is embarrassing that there are so many people going hungry.”

Most of our communities have food banks.  My local food banks, as I’m sure many of yours are, have experienced increasing pressure to provide food to more and more people.  According to Feeding America, food banks nationwide saw a 20% rise in demand for food last spring alone.  And they are reporting that much of this new demand is coming from working middle class families who are having problems making ends meet. 

What can we as gift company owners do to help?  Many of you are struggling as well.  But donations of money and food are always appreciated.  If you have food products that still have shelf life but will expire soon, you might want to donate them to your local food bank.  If you have a retail store, offer a discount on a purchase when someone brings in food to be donated to the food bank.  If you are a website business only, you could offer to donate a certain percentage of each sale to a food bank.

I’m sure there are many other ways to help those less fortunate than us.  Put on that thinking cap that I mentioned a number of posts ago and see what you can come up with.  Feel free to share those thoughts in our comments area.

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  1. Very good reminder, Joyce. Thank you.

    -Theresa Bierer

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