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Why Did Your Customers Leave?

A friend told me this morning that when she left a church that her family had been very active in for a number of years, no one in the church ever contacted her and asked why she left.

This reminded me of a similar experience when I left my church a number of years ago. I still live in the same community and see members of that church occassionally. To this day, not a single person has ever asked me why I left.

Talking to my friend this morning made me think about people who were once active customers and suddenly quit buying. Do we just let them slip away unnoticed or do we contact them and ask why?

People leave for many reasons. They may close a business, move on to something different in their life, move away, discover another company that contacts them regularly, or it may just be simply “out of sight, out of mind.”

Our most valuable customers are the “repeat” ones. But it is all to easy to put marketing to them on the side burner while we struggle to continually get new ones. This makes it all to easy for them to slip away.

So think about it.

But do more than that. Go back through your records and make a list of those “former customers” that you really have no idea why they left. Then take the time to contact each and one of them individually, not in a bulk emailing but by making a personal contact, and ask them the question that you are so afraid of hearing the answer to: “Why haven’t I heard from you?” Then, you can ask, “What can I do to win back your business?”

The Time is NOW

The travel maps are put away, the kids are back in school, and the conventions are over.

If you attended one of the conventions or tradeshows and left excited and enthused about your business, you have to keep the momentum going or the enthusiasm will just be a distant memory.  We are racing towards the fourth quarter when that bear, that we call “lack of time” “fear of failure” or whatever holds us back, is going to catch us and turn us into one of his meals.

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 Joyce Reid


That Ball and Chain!

There’s probably not a single person reading this that doesn’t have a ball and chain of some sort when it comes to their life and their business. There’s SOMEthing you feel like weighs you down and makes it difficult for you to move forward. 

For Tiffany Lambert, who wrote this post, it’s when something stressful happens to her. Usually one area of stress that occupies her mind. So she sits here and looks at this ball of stress tied onto my leg and she want to freaking CHEW it off but it’s on there tight.

No way of getting it off.

So what do you do when something’s hanging on to block your progress?


Most of you lay down.

I’ve had my lay down moments but it always pisses me off. So I stand back up, lift that huge boulder up into my arms and walk to the finish line WITH it.

Tiffany is a blogger in the internet marketing area that I follow regularly.  This particular post refers to a PLR product that you may not be interested in if you are not in the internet marketing area but the rest of the post is something that will be of benefit to everyone of us who has had personal problems that hamper our business progress.

It’s a post that everyone should read.  So Read the rest of her post  HERE and let me know what you think in the comments below.