Business Advice From A Great Industrialist

Here is a “One Minute Wisdom” piece of advice from American industrialist Henry Ford.

A Market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one!”

henry-fordThis little bit of wisdom has been forgotten as greed has overtaken and passed intregrity in just about every industry in the world, including our own.  Bad mortgage deals, homes that are beyond one’s affordability, and greedy bank CEO’s and regulators have toppled the banking world.  Failure to remember this industrailist’s advice has permitted foreign automobiles to be preferred over ones made in the US.  But they are not alone.

How about the greed of a peanut processor that destroyed many businesses who had to recall millions of dollars of products?  Even our own gift industry has seen the internet overrun with unscrupulous websites created that provide inferior products, poor or non-existent customer service, and a poor shopping experience.

The gift industry is a valuable one but we must remember Henry Ford’s words if we want to be a long-term industry rather than a flash in the pan.

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