Blogging — How effective is it really?

Since starting this series on blogging, there has been a lot of interest.  And one question that I’ve been asked several times is:  How much traffic can a blog really generate?  Another question is: Doesn’t it take a long time to make it worthwhile or to be effective?

The answer to the first question depends on your blog, how you have optimized it, and how you market and use it.  The answer to the second question is the same as the answer to the first one.

If you provide content that people are really interested in and let people know that it exists, you can generate much traffic within a short period of time.  I can’t guarantee you any results with your blog but to give you an idea of the possibility, this blog attracted 2591 visitors during its first 2 and 1/2 months of existence (from launch date of March 19th through the end of May).

How do I know this?  I check the stats for this blog regularly.  They tell me how many visit the blog daily, where they come from, and which blog posts are the most visited.  They also tell me which links are clicked on each day.

So how effective is it really?  I consider 2591 visitors in a 2 1/2 month period pretty effective.  How about you?

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