Blogging without a Blog

You don’t have to have your own blog to be able to use blogging to your advantage and increase the number of incoming links to your website.

Most blogs welcome comments and allow you to leave your website address when you make a comment.  The way to use this method of “blogging without a blog” is easy.  Find blogs (including this one) that are related to your business and post comments when you have something to say.

Since there are so many spammers on the web that have software capable of automatically leaving spam comments, most bloggers install “askimet” as a plug-in.  This little tool recognizes suspected spam and requires the blog owner to approve the post instead of it just magically appearing.  Also blog owners can manually delete posts that are nothing more than an ad for the commenter’s website and have nothing to do with the post they are commenting on.

Like anything on the web, commenting on other people’s blog posts can be a valuable tool if not abused.

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