Coaches, Money Goals and Baloney

I am being bombarded by emails from so called “business and life coaches” who think they know something about both. They keep telling me that I need to set my “money goals” for 2016 if I want to be successful either in life or business.


In the ebook “Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever” that I published in late December, I addressed how I feel about this in one of the chapters which began:

“When I was a Realtor, each New Year began with my broker saying, “It’s time to create your business plan. Set your goals. Decide how much money you want to make this year and then determine what it will take to make that much money.

This is something that I was never able to do because money wasn’t the reason I was selling real estate. There were deeper, more personal reasons which were difficult to put on paper and couldn’t be counted in dollars and cents. Even so, by being a “multi-million dollar producer,” I achieved what is considered success in the real estate business.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I’ve learned, through my own personal experience and as a small-business counselor, that knowing how to set goals and objectives and even the ability to create a technically-perfectly business plan is not enough

Like New Year’s resolutions, goals alone have little or no meaning and are soon tossed by the wayside and forgotten if they are not grounded in the heart and the passion that you feel about your business. You can set all the goals you want and create the best possible business plan and still be a failure.

But if you have a purpose for what you are doing and feel strongly about it, success will follow.”

As I stated in the rest of that chapter, success and most importantly, success isn’t money in the bank. It is happiness.

I am also getting bombarded with emails wanting to sell me a class in “how to set up a consulting business and make thousands of dollars from people” or “how to become a business coach.”

I don’t need to set up a consulting business or become a business coach.  Why?  Because I consider that to be what I do already.  There are a few who do that already and do it well.  Mike Nease is one such person who will become your business coach and help you walk through your own thought processes as he attempts to guide you based on his knowledge. There are others who take your money while pretending to be the “know it all” who can solve all your problems and who are instead  charlatans.

When people in my industry (or not), have a problem that they think I can help them with, they know that they can call and I’ll give them what information I have.  I already share what I know in my magazine, in this blog (occasionally) and in the new private forum that I’ve just set up.

Successful?  I think so.  I don’t set money goals.  They aren’t important to me.  What is much more important is the ability to sleep at night feeling that I’ve done what I can to make this world a better place.

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