Gift Basket Company Owners: Have you considered this market?

We, as gift basket company owners, are so busy marketing to the corporate market that we tend to overlook some other markets that can be profitable.

One of these is the church market.  The marketing is much the same.  Many of the products may be the same as well, but others are unique.  Church budgets don’t allow a lot of money for gifts but it all depends on the individual church.  If the church itself doesn’t have a budget, women’s groups within the church may.  

Of course, this would be an ideal market for new baby gifts, sympathy gifts, and wedding gifts.  Some churches have annual Conferences or guest pastors and a “Welcome to Our Church” gift basket would be an ideal gift for the speakers.

If the churches you contact don’t already provide small “Welcome” gifts to visitors to their congregation, this is something you could suggest.  These are usually small gifts and can be as simple as an imprinted mug or tote bag filled with info about the church and perhaps a packet of coffee or chocolate.  And, don’t forget the kids who visit.  A small canvas tote bag, with something cute like “Sunday Sack from xxx Church” added with either an iron-on transfer or imprinted if large quantities are needed, can be filled with inexpensive things to keep the child busy during a Church service.   These would be low-cost gifts but, in quantity, small can be beautiful.

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