The Most Important Hat of All!

hatsHow many business hats are you currently wearing?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you work long hours and wear many different hats.
You pile one hat upon the other. There is the designer hat, the accounting hat, the internet hat, the customer service hat, the planning hat, the marketing hat along with many other different hats.

All of these hats scream for attention which can get pretty loud when we have one piled on top of the other.

So we solve the problem by wearing the hat that screams the loudest. Wearing that hat is only a temporary solution since all the other hats keep screaming until we wear them, too.

There is, however, one hat that doesn’t scream very much.

It rarely ever complains as it usually ends up on the bottom of the pile as we take off one hat and put on another. This hat knows it is important, whether it is worn or not, but it doesn’t scream out how valuable it is.
So it gets neglected and forgotten about until the day when the customers quit coming. The other hats quit screaming because they are no longer needed. As you sort through all the hats wondering what is wrong, you suddenly notice the Marketing hat and how little you had worn it.
“Why didn’t I wear the Marketing hat?” you ask yourself.
And then you remember that it had mostly kept silent while all the other hats were demanding your attention. You were also afraid that the Marketing hat was too expensive to wear and would eat up your profits. So what can you do?

Put on that Marketing hat and use it to get the old customers back and to attract new ones. Wear it regularly.
And when you do, the other hats will perk up and start screaming for attention again. But promise yourself that you’ll never neglect that one hat which makes all the difference in your success no matter how silent it is.

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