How We Spend Our Days

There is a quote that says “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”  It’s a reminder that today isn’t a rehearsal for our real life, but it is IT!

It’s all too easy to spend our free time watching TV, playing computer and Facebook games.  Is this the way we want to spend our life?  When we look back on today, will it be with pride at what we’ve done, or will it simply be a blur?  Are we creating memories or monotony?

I’ve always believed that each of us was created for a reason.  And the closer I get to that number 70, I think of each day as one to be celebrated.  I try to make each day an opportunity to learn, to be helpful, to make a difference to others and to be grateful for this day that was given to me.

Recreation and relaxation are an important part of anyone’s life and should be enjoyed and savored.  But our lives are too precious to be wasted.  I’m amazed daily by the number of posts on Facebook from people who should have active, busy lives but are spending them playing mindless games.  We each have talents to share with others and  interests to be explored.

One of the most marvelous things about the gift basket industry is the many interesting “strangers” that I meet each day either online or on the phone.  There’s the mom whose son is away from home at college for the first time.  The man who was amazed at how many gifts he was getting for his 80th birthday.  The soldier in Afghanistan who emailed me about how much he missed his wife and wanted to send her a teddy bear to hug.  Each has his or her story, background, and reason for ordering or receiving a gift.

Taking the time to hear the stories isn’t a waste of time but an opportunity to pass a bit of kindness on.  And, as a result, I’ve learned from these strangers.  I’ve learned what I need to change on my website, what I need to add, and discovered new ideas.

Our life is ours alone.  It’s up to no one but us how we choose to live it.  For some, life is easy.  For others, it’s very difficult.  But creating a life for ourselves–created with intention–is the most important choice we will ever make.

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