It’s amazing what you can read on the web!

It’s amazing what you can read on the web.  I just read the following on someone else’s blog about “Ten Ways To Turn Your Freebies into Cash”:

“4. Start a gift basket business. If you really want to get active with selling freebies then you can start a creative gift basket business. You’ll have to work full time to collect as many freebies as possible and then to repackage them into unique gift baskets which you can then sell for a profit but if you like this sort of thing then it can be well worth your time.”

This is just another example of what some people think of our industry.  “Anybody can build a gift basket.  All you have to do is put a bunch of stuff into a basket, tie some cello (or as one utube video demonstrated — use saran wrap), and tie a bow on the top.”

This is why so many people start a gift basket business and quickly discover that they don’t know the first thing abourt running a business.  Other than learning the techniques necessary to create a professional product that creates a WOW effect, running a gift basket business isn’t a whole lot different than operating any other kind of business.

It takes research (lots of it), hard work (lots of it), a knowledge of business principles, and persistence.  And time.  Oh yes, lots of time!  Businesses don’t just happen.  They are made.  And they are made by people who love what they do, have enough passion about their chosen industry to hang in there and persist even on the bad days.

“Get a bunch of freebies and start a gift basket business.”  This person is even a bigger charalatan than the one who writes that “you can make thousands during your first few months in business and half a million the first year.”    Unfortunately, there are those out there who are going to believe both statements.

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  1. And there is now another one on that feed about someone who opened up a dollar store and creates gift baskets in the $11 to $15 range with products from her store. And that dollar store is in your neck of the woods, James. It’s in Columbia SC. Not sure how far that is from Greer.

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