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ideal-readerI mentioned earlier that I am taking a writing class from a great writer who is an expert at persuading with words.  I doubt if most of you have a deep interest in learning how to write better but it is important if you hope to convince your customers to read your newsletter, visit your website, and  love your product descriptions so much that they will click that buy button.

So, occasionally, I’m going to share some things that I’ve learned in the hope that you will find them useful in that elusive journey to growing your business.

When we write for our customers, we tend to think of them as a group.  As we all know, these customers come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, needs and desires.  As a result, our writing gets watered down as we try to reach all of them with the same message.

The secret is:  Don’t think of people.

Each time you sit down to write that blog post or that product description, think of one person. A very special person you feel comfortable helping. A person who you know will be interested in just the product or idea that you are selling.

This person is your Ideal Reader.

When you focus on a single person or customer, and that faceless crowd of “people” disappears,  writing that product description or sales pitch gets a lot easier.

Instead of writing to a group of people that you don’t even know and whom may not even be interested in what you are saying, you’re writing to one important person who does exist and who matters.

Maybe it’s the woman you talked to last week at that networking function who was interested in learning about  your business. Maybe it was the man who emailed you asking for information about a particular product. Maybe it’s one of your customers who thanked you for being so prompt with your delivery.

These people are real. They’re flesh and blood. You’ve met them or talked with them on the phone or even had an email correspondence with them.  Perhaps they comment on your Facebook posts.  But they are real people who are  interested in what you have to say.

Pick one – the one person you want to help.

The one you want to become your customer. Get a good, firm visual in your mind of that person. Hear her voice. Remember his face. And only then, sit down and write.  It’ll be easier because you’re talking to someone who needs and is interested in  what you are writing.

I’ve been told that much of what I write on the forum, in the magazine, and in this blog sounds like I am teaching.  That is probably true.

True because my Ideal Reader is a very special person who has a strong desire to learn.  To learn how to grow their business.  Is that person you?

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  1. Hi Joyce, thanks for sharing these ideas on how to write to appeal to that one special person that you want to become your customer. I’ve just started with a Facebook business page, and I’m a little nervous about putting too much salesy stuff out there that could turn people right off our company, so I am trying to do a mix of both, some gift pictures, and some of my thoughts on what I am doing. How would you recommend guiding people to your blog from facebook? what is the best way to say this?

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