More about Branding “YOU”

In my last post about Branding, I talked about the secret of Branding that most people forget — You are your Brand.  Be Yourself.

Another  example of someone who did exactly that through the years is Mike Wallace.  His personality was his brand.  Questioning.  Sometimes abrasive.  But getting the story in an entertaining way that made people want to know what Mike Wallace would ask next.  Morley Safer, a co-worker on “60 Minutes”, said that Mike was the same way when not in front of the camera, sometimes abrasive, always asking co-workers questions.  Mike Wallace was a unique individual, that those of us who watched “60 Minutes” through the years, remember well.  By being himself, he created his own unique brand.

How about you?  Have you ever taken a minute to think about how much you’ve grown up over the course of your life and what kind of Brand you create for yourself, and for your business, with your personality?

If you haven’t, take some time today and surprise yourself.

Sometimes we may feel like we’ve grown older while making  no real changes  in our lives.  But if we think about it, we realize that probably is not true.

Haven’t  you grown  from a dependent small child who needed to be held and comforted to an adult who can stand on your own?  From a child whose personality was pliable to an adult who was molded by experiences, chance encounters with people who influenced you, what you’ve read, what you’ve learned, and what you decided for yourself.

Think about it another way.  As a child when someone asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” what was your usual answer?  A teacher? A railroad engineer? A pilot? Or even I don’t know.

Think about what you would say if someone asked you that same question today.

Now ask yourself, what’s stopping me?

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