More is Sometimes Less

Money Magazine recently reported that a recent study showed that shoppers were more likely to stop for a free sample of jam when they were offered lots of choices.

When 24 Flavors were offered for tasting  – 60% of Passersby stopped

When 6 Flavors were offered for tasting  – 40% of passersby stopped

BUT even though they liked lots of choices to taste, too many choices can paralyze a shopper when it comes to making a purchase.  Having lots of choices made the same shoppers far less likely to buy

With the 24 Flavors – 3% of those who stopped actually bought the jam

With the 6 Flavors – 30% bought the jam.

This is something to keep in mind as we create our websites, brochures, or even presentations.  It’s far better to determine in advance which products will be the best liked and limit the number of choices.


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