Two Rabbits

My grandma used to tell me that “if you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

She must have known that I was an idea person.  I love creating ideas but following through from start to finish takes a whole lot more effort.  It’s all too easy to have a great idea for a website, a business, or even a product and get so enthusiastic that I just want to get going on it.  But when I do that, Grandma’s words (and that mental picture of two rabbits running in two different directions) keep coming back to haunt me.

I have lots of ideas.  Websites I want to build.  E-books I want to write.  Products I want to create.
But I’m creating idea files.  Learning the “how-to” that I need.  And working on completing one project at a time.

Those last two rabbits both got away.


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