One can be lonely

wolfMany of us started our business feeling isolated and like a lone wolf. We had an idea and knew that it was something we wanted to grow into more than just a fleeting dream.

But we were one. And we felt alone.

One is a lonely number.

When we discovered there were others out there, like us, who were in the same industry, it was like a light being turned on in an empty room.

We found friends and like-minded people who would join us in our quest for success, people who would hold our feet to the fire, friends who would spur us on when we felt discouraged and ready to give up. And the number “one” multiplied into a pack — a community.

I started my own business with an idea, a dream, and a plan. But I was one. And I was alone. Then I discovered Gift Basket Review, the Jubilees, and the power of the Internet with the bulletin boards on AOL and Prodigy. There were suddenly others just like me, who had similar dreams and ideas that we all grew together as we contributed what we had learned or were learning to the other members of the community.

We are like pack animals…we like to be together…to socialize…to chat…to inspire and encourage. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. There is a time to be alone–to meditate and think about the past, the present, and the future.

But, in this industry, there is no reason to ever be lonely and the Internet has made it even more so. The lone wolf has a difficult time making it on his own without his pack to support, encourage, and even save him from danger.

Have you joined a pack that will support and encourage you or you still wandering through the business jungle as a lone wolf? If you’re looking for that special pack, we invite you to join our community at

1 thought on “One can be lonely”

  1. Enjoyed reading the article. Even with all the means we have to communicate, it is still easy for people to feel isolated. I have met people that have been in the industry for a long time and had heard of the magazines, gift basket college etc. We still long for that human face to face contact. Certainly it is easy to post pictures, and ask questions and get feedback instantly and that works great for most. However everyone doesn’t have that same comfort level. I do agree that making personal connections, making the effort to meet with those like mined people helps get past the doubt and at times the isolation the we feel. I believe that the anxiety and isolation comes when we judge ourselves too harshly. We must be our own cheerleader and know that this to shall pass.

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