The Secret to Being Listed on Page 1 of Google

Looking for an easy, fast way to be listed on the first page of Google? Here’s the secret!

The answer is Google Local Business Listings.  If you have a storefront, a homebased business, or even an internet business that has people searching for gift baskets to be delivered in your town, you’re missing a big opportunity if you’re not listed in Google Local.

Not only is your listing shown on the first page of Google but it is usually shown before the organic listings that you’ve worked so hard to get.  For example, if someone searches for gift baskets + Flagstaff, AZ, my website is listed as #1 on page one.  But above that are the “paid ads” (which most savvy web shoppers people don’t bother to click on because they are ads) followed by a list of local businesses that Google finds most revelant.

In many ways, these listings are even better than regular listings because users get more than just a link to your website. They also get your phone number, a map of your location and an additional link to find out more about your business.  You can even include photos of your gift baskets (although they are hard to size properly) and videos. 

To get your business listed, simply go to and get started.  Most of the other search engines including the new one “Bing” has local listings as well.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Been listed with them for over a year now.

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