What I Learned About Business from Walter Cronkite

walter-conkiteWalter Cronkite died yesterday.  His death won’t receive the media frenzy that Michael Jackson did — even though Walter Cronkite was much more of a man and a much more influencial and powerful individual.  No one person was more trusted to present the news in a truthful unbiased manner than Walter Cronkite.

I grew up with Walter Cronkite.  His face and voice was the Evening News.  When he said, “and that is the way, it is”, I knew that it was.  Even though he was a broadcaster and a journalist, I learned many principals from watching him that apply to my business, as well as my personal life, today.

  1. He was experienced but was forever learning new things.
  2. Even though his broadcasts were presented in a studious learned manner, his human side occasionally peaked through.  Like the time tears showed in his eyes as he took off his glasses and announced the death of JFK.
  3. He was always in character — being who he really was — honest, reliable and someone you could depend on to tell the news the way it was and not just the way he saw it.
  4. As his hair grew grayer and the wrinkles formed, he used his experiences and history to teach a new generation how to avoid some of the pitfalls of previous ones.
  5. He was trusted because he had proven he was trustworthy.
  6. He didn’t depend on hype and glamour to build his reputation.  It was built on strength, honesty, and dependability.

The world has lost a great man.  But his imprint on this country will be around for a long time to come.

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  1. I watched him from the first day I viewed a TV! I was around 5 yrs old. A great man never to be forgotten. A PILLAR of the broadcasting professionals. His particular tone of voice, only his! Will miss him indeed!

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