What is Creativity?

John Cleese says that  “Creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating.”

bright-ideaSo what is creativity?

To me, it is taking what’s in front of you and everybody else and making something new out of it.

It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun.  I don’t really believe that is totally true  but most new products and ideas are older ones that someone has seen or used and suddenly had an “ah-ha” moment.  New ideas are usually just the evolution of older ones.

Our own industry has evolved through the years.  What started as a gift that one neighbor takes to another evolved into gift baskets with the possibility of thousands of different themes, decorated with gifts and enhancements, and wrapped with cello or shrink wrap and topped with a bow.

Our industry, and every other one, will continue to evolve.  The creativity of you and everyone else in this industry will determine what its future will be.

Your own individual creativity will determine what your own business will look like and how successful it will be.

So, come on folks.  Put on those creative thinking caps and let’s help the gift business evolve in ways that we never thought possible.

And, if you want to read more about this myth we call talent, read this post.


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