Your Marketing Calendar for 2012

Have you created the marketing habit?

If not, you’re wasting valuable time!

Habits are built as a result of repetition. The philosopher Aristotle said many hundreds of years ago that “we are what we repeatedly do.” And this applies as much to your marketing as it does to whether your customers buy their gifts from you or from someone else.

Although the prime holiday season is the month of December, marketing for it should begin on January 1st and never stop until the end of year.

Impossible! You say. No one is going to look at marketing for December in January.

That’s true. But are they going to look at your marketing and buy your products for the holidays in December? They will if you have spent the year keeping your company name in front of them and if they have become accustomed (created the habit) of buying their gifts from you.

No matter how much you think you hate marketing, growing a successful business is dependent on it. And it can’t be haphazard either. Planning what you will market and how you will do it as well as reviewing how successful it was, and tweaking the ideas for next year are essential to a successful marketing plan.

 If you feel like you just don’t have what it takes to create and maintain a marketing plan for the year, the 2012 Marketing Calendar was made for you…

This Marketing Calendar is not just a calendar.

So what is the 2012 Marketing Calendar?

This 91-page ebook introduces you to the techniques that I’ve been using for my own marketing for many years and have taught to my students in my small business classes.  If you use it, it does work!

And, now, for the first time, I’m sharing it with you.

You’ll find worksheets that are ready for you to print out and use to plan your marketing year along with tips for marketing your business throughout the year.

I can hear you now.  This sounds great, Joyce, but what does it cost?  So, let me respond by asking you:

How much is an established system for setting up your marketing for a whole year worth to you?
How much are increased holiday sales worth to you?

Well, it isn’t going to cost that much.  For only $14.95, you’ll get a marketing system with all the worksheets and tips you need to get your marketing on the road beginning today.

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