5 Things Every Business Owner Should Do Every Day

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, there are a few critical tasks you can turn into a daily habit to keep your business moving in a forward, positive direction to make money. You wear many hats, whether just starting out or having years of experience. Some of those ‘hats’ can be delegated to others, but … Read more

The Passion Oil Man

Bibs Passion Oil

Meet Dave de Costa, also known as Bibs, The Passion Oil Man Dave, better known as Bibs because of the bib overalls that he always wears, is one of us senior citizens who think retirement is the time for new adventures. Through the years, he has owned and operated a welding shop, built greenhouses and … Read more

Mistakes made by business owners

mistakes - business

The 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made by Business Owners Regardless of what you sell, each and every one of us is in the marketing business.  The failure or success  of a business depends on its marketing. But we frequently spin our wheels thinking we are doing it right and wondering why it isn’t working. I’ve … Read more

Is Your Business Still Fun?

You probably started your business because you wanted to make money? But was that the only reason? Many of us had other goals as well such as being able to create a lifestyle that allowed us to do something we enjoy. But the deeper we get into the daily ins and outs of operating a … Read more