Which One Are You?

I help teach a county small business class and always find it interesting to hear the attendees describe themselves and the business they hope to start during the first session of the class. Most are enthusiastic, even passionate. Many have already done much of the homework ahead of time and know the potential, the cost, and the drawbacks.

frownBut in each class, there is always at least one who has already convinced himself (or herself) that he can’t do it. In that first class, it’s already obvious that the negative person isn’t going to do it.

It’s all a matter of attitude.

When you feel negative, it shows! You can’t hide it.

Passion glows. And you can’t hide that either.

When you are passionate, you’ll do whatever it takes. You don’t believe those emails that you receive about how you can build a successful business in just four hours a day.

You know that it takes work — lots of it. It takes time — lots of it as well.

But if you believe in what you want and what you have to offer, the work and the time comes easy. You’re willing to get up an hour earlier or work until late at night if that is what it takes.

You’re willing to contact that customer who keeps putting you off. It typically takes five to seven ‘touches’ before a potential customer will consider buying whatever you’re selling. Successful salespeople know this and consequently don’t stop after a single phone call or email.

The negative person stops after that first call, telling himself (or herself), “They just don’t like me.” “My stuff isn’t good enough.” Or “They’ll never buy so why waste my time.”

There are even those who talk themselves out of ever making that first call. Trying is hard, and can even be scary. Spending the afternoon playing golf or going swimming sounds way more fun. Remember, you can’t get rejected if you never make an effort.

The negative person always tells himself that they’re rejecting ME!. If you call a potential customer and fail to make a sale, it’s not because they’re on a budget freeze. It’s not because you caught them at the wrong time or in the wrong mood; it’s not because they can’t see an immediate need for what you’re offering; and it’s not because they need time to consider your offer or consult their business partners. It’s because they hate you. If anyone else in the world had called, they’d have bought. They’re probably calling one of your competitors right now just so they can place a million dollar order with anybody but you.

The negative person will never succeed at business.

It’s not because they aren’t good enough.

It’s not because they don’t know enough.

It’s not because they don’t want to.

It’s because they don’t believe they can.

Which one are you?

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