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As we continue with information about improving your website, here is something else that you need to know.

What is Google looking for when it crawls the pages of your website?

Here’s the quick list:
• Your page needs to target a single, narrow topic
• Your primary keywords should be at the beginning of the page title
• Your primary keywords should appear in the page URL
• Your content needs to be broken up into related subtopics with proper
• Your primary keywords should be used in the page headline
• When appropriate, your keywords should be emphasized with bold and/or
• Your primary keywords should appear in the content body two or more
• You should use related secondary keywords in the various elements of
the page
• Images on the page should have descriptive ALT tags

If you don’t understand any of the above items, ask me in the comments and I’ll try to explain.  In the meanwhile, check your own website content to see if it meets the above criteria.

7 thoughts on “Your Website”

  1. Sylvia: Yes, this is a public blog that anyone can read. I hate to see you close your shop so let’s talk about it in the more private arena of the special forum that I will be sending out access information to all our magazine subscribers and VIP members after Christmas.

  2. Joyce

    Thank you! you have always been an unselfish person when it comes to helping in this type business for small/homebase, am sure you are just as generous on a personal level. I have been turning it over and over in my head to close up shop!, but I really like doing what am doing, I will do the same next week starting a closer look at the site and try and do as much as I can to help it. Thanks Joyce…. you are like candy to “us” small gift basket businesses! “SWEET”

  3. Thanks Joyce, I’m also always learning, so once this week is over, I shall go back and revisit lots of these suggestions that you’ve written about, and I’m sure that I’ll have more questions then. Your generous sharing of ideas and comments is so much appreciated. Meanwhile have a good Christmas.

  4. Sylvia: It is getting harder and harder to compete with the big boys with deep pockets, particularly with an ecommerce website which is what we all have. And to make it worse, Google is constantly changing what it considers important. But it can be done. One mistake that many ecommerce sites make (and I’m guilty of it too) is to just put the product information on the product page. Google likes longer pages with more information so it helps to add testimonials and any other additional information that can tie into the keyword that you are trying to rank that product page for. Also make sure that all your photos have alt tags to your photos. They are easy to add and can help make a difference. Your shopping cart should have a way to do this. And, if you don’t have a blog, start one. Write about the products that you have but don’t make the mistake of using the same url for that product page that you are using in your main site. (example: You wouldn’t want to use that url for the product page and for the blog page). Keep learning and keep working at it.

    I’m struggling, too, which is why I am sharing some of the stuff that I am learning with you here.

  5. I don’t my website meets contents, when I think I got it! I find out that I don’t…. My site is not doing well at all, so something is wrong! I get advice about the site all the time, I try to go back in and work on it, only to find out at the end that I did worse!

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